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Jane Churchill, Artist : About


Korvax MuninI am a Theatre Designer, Visual Artist, Creative Consultant and Community Arts Creator and Leader.

I love being creative, in the flow of new ideas and projects. I make my art in a large variety of media to express my inner worlds and visions and bring them into reality. Sometimes that takes the form of theatre sets, or walk through installations, gallery exhibitions, art that appears in unexpected places, even little boxes of memories and delights. Sometimes it’s in working with people.

As an artist I express in many different 2 and 3D media my belief of the possibilities of each unique human imagination, the beauty of the world, and the magical and transformational process of living.

As a consultant artist I help communities, businesses, schools, groups and individuals engage with each other and express themselves through the arts. I create and lead bespoke arts projects and workshops and deliver them with the same enthusiasm, quality and excellence with which I approach all of my work.

With fifteen years experience in creating and realising theatre sets and ten years creating and leading arts projects, I am able to manage different aims and expectations at once and still get right to the beautiful and creative heart of things – and this is then expressed in every project and piece of work.

I hope you enjoy my website, if you have time, wander through the galleries.

If you have any queries, comments or would like to commission theatre design, artwork or projects please contact me using the form on my contact page.